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Woodland and Forestry Investment

Investing in forestry is a worthwhile enterprise.  At Tustins we advise clients to help them find the right type of woodland and forestry investment to meet their needs whether they are looking for long term tax planning, environmental enrichment/carbon offsetting or for shorter term returns.  With our extensive experience in both forestry and surveying, we are able to advice on the merits of available properties for purchase or sale as well as providing consultancy to existing owners on how to meet their long term investment objectives. 

We also advise clients on the merits of investing in planting/bare land to create your own forest which with the additional benefit of being able to create carbon offsets is a new field of interest for a large number of new investors.

How to Invest in Forests or Woodland

When thinking about buying woodland or forestry, it is important to consider the following points:

  1. What are your investment objectives?
  2. What is your budget and does this include any management, consultancy or remedial works?
  3. What is your preferred location?
  4. Is there anything that you would particularly look for in your desired property or anything you would like to avoid?

If you are interested in having a discussion with one of our team plase do not hesitate to give us a ring to discuss your ideas .  We are keen to make sure that all new forestry investors get the right advice so that their woodland creation or ownership experience is as rewarding as possible.

For further information on buying or selling a woodland or maximising a forestry investment, click on the link and read our latest Woodland Market Report written in partnership with Oliver Combe who heads up Timber Auctions.